2016 Marketing Trends. What’s hot? What direction should you consider taking your business? Is there yet ANOTHER social media platform to join??!

2016 Marketing Trends

I always find it interesting to check out the latest marketing trends as it’s a rapidly evolving topic.

I never recommend just doing something because it’s trendy. But there are definitely benefits in being aware of how and where your audience consumes to ensure you meet their needs.

I found a great infographic detailing some on the trends in 2016.  Not surprisingly mobile is at the top of the list. The next generation is using a mobile device as their ONLY device. I’m must admit I do get very baffled/annoyed when a website isn’t mobile friendly. For all businesses a mobile friendly site is a MUST.

Number 7 on the list – but in the same category – is the importance of mobile payments.  These are “skyrocketing”. Totally understandable as so many people now access websites on a mobile – they’ll need a way to pay.

Number 10 “Privacy Is Gone” is quite a scary statement. But true. As business owners, we must be able to show our face and add personality to the brands we are creating….

Which makes Number 2 – video marketing – a viable consideration for all business. Get in front of the camera and add some great mobile-friendly content to your website!

For help applying any of the above to your business. Please get in touch.