Flyer Design: Employment Training

We were honoured when asked to design a flyer for a collaborative partnership between Lewisham Homes, Pepys Community Forum and Family Services UK.

Together they are providing local residents (in Depford South London SE8 and surrounding areas) with the opportunity to equip themselves with skills to overcome mental health issues, gain new skills and open up work opportunities through employment training. Really important work in the local community.

The brief required a flyer design that was simple yet eye catching, easy to read and not too challenging. We produced a two-sided flyer. On the front we utilised several call-to-actions and a sharp design. The flyer needed to stand out when placed with several other flyers – say on a table at a community centre. On the back the client requested an enrolment form – for those interested in the training who perhaps currently didn’t have access to phone or email.

The finished product will be distributed locally in Deptford and throughout the borough of Lewisham.

Flyer Design: Employment Training

Flyer Design: Employment Training


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