I Love January. It’s actually my favourite month of the year. All the positive thinking and healthy living is right up my street. It’s like the whole world is on board with their New Year’s resolutions and huge desire to achieve – and I just love it! As an entrepreneur it’s also a great time to feel unstoppable and determined.

So in celebration of the wonderful month of January – I bring to you my list of totally random healthy/motivation “stuff”:

  1. Fitbit have bought out a new fitness tracker called the Blaze. Reviews are so-so but I’m still excited and want one. I’m on my 3rd Fitbit in as many years – I keep upgrading. I really like how motivating it is and I have changed my lifestyle to walk a lot more (over 3000 miles so far). I’ve also really benefited from the sleep tracking function and make an effort to go to bed early enough to get at least 8 hours most nights. I feel a lot healthier from walking more and sleeping more.
  2. Nutribullet! Yet another reason to love January. Just got mine for Christmas but I’m already hooked. It’s a great start to the day and being able to incorporate some healthy ingredients like spinach, flaxseed, ginger and blueberries into a tasty drink that even my daughter enjoys is a win-win.
  3. Youtube. Adding to this list because it’s literally amazing how much you can watch on there. I heard it said recently that flexibility is 30% of fitness and was so happy to stumble upon a useful Youtube video via the myfitness pal app on my phone today. Especially as I’m strapped for time – a 10 minute stretch video that I can quickly link to our Chromecast and follow on the big screen is so useful.
  4. I crave hot nutritious food in January so my dinner tonight included a hot steaming plate of delicious courgetti made using my spiralizer. With several different models to choose from there’s a good range available. There’s just something about making veg into spirals that makes them extra delicious (have I used that word already?!). I can’t wait to try some other veg in it and – the ultimate test – see if the kids will take to it too and eat more healthy food.
  5. Last but not least on my totally random Love January list is once again – my old favourite Twitter. There are so many great January tweets that are motivating and inspirational  – just what I like to read to start the year. I also like that major retailers are promoting tweets about their healthy range of food and that fitness and success are at the top of people’s minds.

Have a great January and may the momentum continue throughout the year!