Targeting Parents is not a new Marketing Trend.  But as a parent to two young children this form of marketing now resonates completely differently with me. I’ve moved into a whole new target group and it’s fascinating to see that what was once of no interest to me now gets the “mummy nod”.

Now that I’m a mother I can find humour in tales about explosive nappies. Sympathise about sleepless nights. Talk about school selection criteria all day…

That last sentence probably lost me all my young, free & single readers. They’ve clicked the close browser button while yelling “BORING!” at the screen. That was me not too long ago…

However from a marketing perspective targeting parents isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. The “parent club” has millions of members who regardless of their race, origin or background share this same wonderful experience of parenthood.

It links back to our earlier post about having an in depth knowledge of your target audience.  If your target audience have children this should be a consideration when marketing to them.

Perhaps there’s a way you can capitalize on the after school market – when school age children still need to be amused and their tired mums need a coffee!

Or perhaps there’s a way your business can help a parent whose career has changed since they had children. Or maybe your business can help the parents of older children who are dealing with the expense of University aged children.

Targeting parents will not only help your business make money but you can also provide a service to those who are juggling many balls. Check out this link for local term dates to help plan your strategy.

For me, an interesting consequence of becoming a parent is the cars that appeal to me. I like the little features that make strapping in a tantruming two year old not quite so awful. And parking sensors were literally a lifesaver during my second pregnancy as twisting my body became painful.

Check out this TV commercial clearly aimed at families and humourously making this Dad “feel like a man“. Enjoy parents & non-parents alike 🙂