Marketing Trend Watch – Christmas Advertising Special! With Christmas fast approaching – I started to get nostalgic about the Christmas adverts and slogans that I grew up with. It’s interesting to reflect on how advertising shaped the Christmas experience that my sister and I had growing up. These adverts would build the pre-Christmas anticipation, make us laugh on Christmas Day and have us asking our parents for more, more, more!

One of our favourites adverts growing up was from Ferrero Rocher with the “Ambassador” holding a party. He dazzles his guests with a tray full of chocolates bought in by a butler. Without fail whenever my sister and I have a Ferrero Rocher together we’ll throw in the line “With these Rocher you’re really spoiling us!”.

It’s  really is great advertising when the slogan is catchy, makes you want to repeat it and is remembered years later. Check it out and join me for a trip down Memory Lane 🙂