Website design for Carers Lewisham by Nova Creative Solutions. 

Carers Lewisham identified a need to streamline and update their existing website to make it easier for visitors to find the information that they needed. They also wanted a more effective promotional platform for fundraising activities. 

Having been a carer myself, this project was very close to my heart.

Using insight from the Carers Lewisham team, data from Google Analytics and Mailchimp email campaigns, we developed a user journey that strategically positioned priority information and removed or condensed any rarely visited material.

For example, we saw very few clicks to the social media accounts despite them having prime positions – so these could be moved without affecting the user journey.

Carers Lewisham’s website had grown a lot since it was first designed. They had over 50 individual pages/posts and wanted to make the navigation easier for visitors. We also analysed competitor websites to see how they were effective. 

It was decided that we would consolidate the journey to 6 main pages under which all the other pages would live. Just these 6 main pages were redesigned – to save on the amount of time involved in the project.

To make navigation more effective, some of the headings were changed; for example, “Support Us” became “Get Involved” – using language we felt was more inclusive. All of the changes were plotted into a spreadsheet and approved beforehand by the Carers Lewisham team. 

“Support Us” became “Get Involved” and got a whole new look

Migrating to the new design was a challenging yet very fulfilling project. We delivered a new website where the information and help carers and professionals need is quick and easy to find.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Carers Lewisham team. Check out the website here