Website Design for children’s classes provided by Dancing Ducklings delivering fun, interactive sessions for Under-5’s.

Our client, Caroline White, of Dancing Ducklings is charismatic and full of energy. Caroline has 20 years of experience as an early years practitioner including providing family support. She is excellent at engaging with little one’s and their families.

The brief for this website design was to get across the wealth of experience Caroline has and how she carefully plans each class to help kids learn, develop and burn energy.

We needed to succinctly provide details of how Caroline plans the children’s classes as an ongoing learning experience incorporating key criteria stipulated in government guidelines for early years learning.

Caroline already had a logo designed so it was important that the website matched the bright & colourful dancing duckling featured in her logo.

We also matched the font that Caroline was utilising in existing promotional material so there is consistency across all her marketing.

A theme of primary colours and easy to read text runs throughout the website design – again inspired by what Caroline already had in place.

Dancing Ducklings has the tagline “Bringing Songs To Life” – in their existing promotional material. We made this a prominent feature of the website design.

This website is designed as a one page experience so the visitor continues to scroll horizontally and doesn’t have to click from page to page.

The goal is  for visitors to find the relevant information about the classes and feel confident in Caroline’s expertise – so that they will want to block book sessions.

We ensured that the website design is especially effective when viewing on mobile phones – which is what we identified most visitors would be using to visit the site.

Dancing Ducklings

Dancing Ducklings

Website Design for children’s classes provided by Dancing Ducklings