Website Design for Pepys Community Forum.

This was a really fun project. As I mentioned before – Malcolm is great to work with.

Additionally this project was undertaken on a voluntary basis and at cost only. Something I plan to do at least once a year to help out local charities. 

Malcolm is actually a talented HTML writer and had coded his previous website. However, we both agreed that PCF was due an updated presence.

We started by registering a “vanity” URL. So instead of .com or we used .community to reflect the charity name. We also registered a more traditional URL. Both will take visitors to the same website.

For the design of the site we agreed that a theme should run throughout using the 3 main colours PCF (blue), John Evelyn Community Garden (green) and REETA (orange).

The website header actually changes colour depending on which part of the organisation is being displayed. A subtle effect that we both loved.

We used the new site to announce a new big lottery funded project called Voice 4 Deptford (more about the logo design soon!). This page includes a newsletter subscription form which links directly a Mailchimp account that I set up for PCF.

Another great addition is an online enrolment form so that people can quickly register for the various training course which are provided.

One of my favourite pages is the gallery – it’s a great opportunity to display work and achievements and we expect it to grow over time.

Finally as PCF is a registered charity we’ve included a donate button.

Please do take some time to explore the site.

PCF before and after

Before & After Website Redesign

PCF Website Design

Colour Coded Pages

Voice 4 Deptford

Voice 4 Deptford

Website Design for Pepys Community Forum.