Why pay for a website when there are free options out there? Good question!Especially for small/medium sized business where budgeting and doing it all yourself is the norm.

Here’s why: your website should be considered a business asset and worth investing in.

Your website is a vital tool towards success. It’s how your business will get taken seriously, stand out against your competitors and generate sales. It’s knowing that you can’t just rely on social media to drive business.

Or you could think of your website as your virtual store. It should look good enough for passersby to  find it easily (search engine optimisation), want to come in (strong design, images and graphics) and look around (easy to use navigation & engaging content).

A good web designer will have the skills to do this as well as be able to adapt your site for your business needs (e.g. online payments, a booking tool).

At Nova Creative Solutions we use WordPress which powers about 25% of the internet. Well known names such as Mercedes Benz and Katy Perry use WordPress to power their websites. WordPress is extremely adaptable and can grow with your business.

A good designer will also be able to use all the necessary programmes to deliver a visually pleasing experience – such as retouching images, creating or adapting logos and matching colours for consistency. It definitely helps a lot if they’re trained in design programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Don’t be afraid to pay for a good quality website and outsource the build. Especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur, your time and skills may be better used focussed on your actual business. No website or having a poorly designed site is not advisable.

Not outsourcing could be costing you business.

Maybe using computers and writing content is not your thing – there’s nothing wrong with that. Hire someone who does it for a living. Do your research and find out their experience and qualifications.

You could also be busy with other aspects of life like raising a family, caring for elder relatives, holding down a full time job… The list is endless. Expecting to be Jack Of All Trades is unadvisable.

If you’re still hesitant about the investment, a good compromise is to hire a designer and then ask them to train you on updating and maintenance.

Large companies – and your competitors – employ specialists for their online presence so it just makes sense to outsource this vital part of your business. You’re in business to do well, right?!

Last but not least, first impressions count.

What do you want your website to say about your business? And do you have the skills to bring that vision to life? If not, it makes sense to get help to build a strong online presence – it’s just too important to not make it a priority. Get in touch!